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Wiking 099097
Set "MB Pullman"

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Set "MB Pullman"

The great legends of Pullman front-drives

With the “Mercedes-Benz Pullman” edition, WIKING inspires memories of the dawn of a new generation of lorries. In fact, the switch from short-nosed trucks to forward-control lorries was revolutionary in the 1950s. Mercedes-Benz marketed their first front-drive vehicles under the type designation “LP”. The letter “L” stood for lorry, the “P” for Pullman driver’s cab, named after the American railway designer who had made a name for himself with streamlined trains. With the WIKING set, the Pullman versions from old and new moulds are combined – the trio with contemporary flatbed semi-trailer again shows how the WIKING philosophy of yesterday and today come together. With the Pullman trio of tractor units, the traditional model makers present a welcome combination of semi-trailers that once upon a time marked the beginning of the forward-control era of Mercedes-Benz. The advantage of the forward-control design was obvious – finally there was enough space for a separate sleeping cabin for the two-man crew that was the rule at the time. At the same time, the length of the flatbed could be increased by one metre, with the payload increasing at the same time.

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