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Wiking 088303
Magiur S 7500

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Description & specifications

Tank truck (Magirus S 7500) "Shell", 1955-57
- Shell tanker is a piece of automotive culture

This tanker is a piece of automotive culture from the fifties – one
Novelty in 1:87! The prototype of the Magirus S 7500 once had a
large driver's cab, which at that time in the distribution traffic of the tank farm
was common. However, the rear part of the cab was preferred
used as a practical "can cupboard". The Magirus round hood in the
contemporary Shell colors not only brought the fuel to
gas station, but also took care of small-scale deliveries to the stations
with oil cans and other small containers. The structure is characteristic of
tanker construction in the 1950s. At that time, according to the


Omnibus construction of that time, the tank structure is completely clad, behind the
side doors stored hoses and mobile fittings. the
curved fenders are considered a relic of the late 1930s,
when the coachbuilders launched the first large series of tankers on the
streets sent. The classic tanker was pretty with two axles
agile and always able to provide supplies at the gas station.

Driver's cab, chassis with cardan component as well as tank plate and radiator grille and
Rims blood orange. Anthracite gray interior. Tank construction with
Base plate kept rapeseed yellow. Side "Shell" logo on the
cab doors. Structure with red "Shell" lettering. Rear red
"Shell" logo. Frame and Magirus logo on the grille as well
Door handles and indicators silvered. Mirrors, wipers and dipsticks
anthracite gray included.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:12 / 2022
Manufacturer price:24,99 €

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