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Wiking 055602
MAN chubby cheek

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Description & specifications

Refrigerated semi-trailer truck (MAN Pausbacke) "Transthermos", 1960-67
- Pausbacke pulled the Transthermos trailer to the cold store

With the new refrigerated box in a Dorsay look, WIKING is adding to the
Transthermos fleet. The semi-trailer train with the refrigerated box drove in exactly the same way
once in long-distance transport to keep the fresh produce without interrupting the cold chain
to bring to the goal. The two-axle refrigerated box trailer is pulled by
the MAN chubby cheek. In the colors of the refrigerated logistics company
Transthermos drives the long-distance truck with the concise two-tone design
into the program. WIKING enthusiasts have known for a long time that the
Authenticity of this refrigerated box truck another encounter with the
1970s is. Other models have the popular theme cycle
already added - now a welcome addition.

White cab, traffic gray interior, silver saddle plate.
Radiator grille, bumper part with chassis and cardan part as well as fenders
and rims azure light. Headlight silvered by hand. grille with
silver lettering "MAN Diesel" and decorative strips. Cab sides with
azure-light Transthermos logo and fender edge of the same color.
Semi-trailer box with roof and doors as well as refrigeration unit in white.

Trailer chassis with support rollers and double fenders and rims
azure-light. Circumferential stripes and Transthermos lettering
azure-light. Red taillights and triangular reflectors at the rear.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:12 / 2022
Manufacturer price:37,49 €

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