H0 1:87
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Wiking 052706
Container semi-trailer

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Description & specifications

Container semi-trailer (Peterbilt) “Pacific Intermount. Express”

Even at the first glance, the Peterbilt container semi-trailer announces the freedom of America’s highways. The imposing appearance of the American bonnet tradition in the trucking business makes the Peterbilt so typical of those years. WIKING miniaturised the prototype in order that a typical US truck could be driven in the 1:87 scale. By means of this model, the traditional model makers are also linking to the history of the prototype, because the original was once in the service of the US forwarder PIE, who provided logistics services between 1927 and 1990.

Driver's cab with bonnet and fenders, red; interior black. Radiator grille, tanks, and chassis details, red. Chassis with cardan part in black. Sleeping cabin, wheels, and air filter, red. Attached roof sign, white; fifth wheel plate silver. Driver's cab printed with white lettering “Pacific Intermountain Express”. Radiator grille with black structure and silvered headlamps and logo surface. Roof sign with traffic red letting “PIE” and black outline. Semi-trailer with black chassis and axle mounting. Container with roof and doors, silver grey; wheels red. Container printed with white “Pacific Intermountain Express” lettering, plus logo with traffic red lettering “PIE” and black outline.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:Q3/2020
Manufacturer price:26,49 €

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