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Wiking 043308
Volvo F89 flatbed trailer

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Volvo F89 flatbed trailer

"Swedish long-distance transport on six axes"

The new shapes make it possible - the Volvo F89 becomes the mighty Sweden Express! WIKING miniaturized a completely new chassis so that the popular youngtimer cab can now also be used as a trailer. And of course there is no better start than the design in the popular ASG colors. More than 40 years after WIKING first dedicated itself to the Swedish freight forwarding company ASG, it is adding another youngtimer in classic colors to the range. In the last few years in particular, the WIKING fleet has continued to grow, following the example of the Swedish logistics company. Attractive models - from container trailers to small vans - now reflect the diversity of the former all-rounder for forwarding agents. With the Volvo F89 and the chassis made of new shapes, the prototype can finally be miniaturized that once shaped the ASG fleet as well as the Scania trailer truck presented by WIKING in 1975. Particularly characteristic of the Volvo F89 and typically Swedish: the roof sign on the forehead! The "Aktiebolaget Svenska Godsbilcentraler" was founded in 1935 by the Stockholm Rederi AB Svea. After a cooperation with Danzas was agreed in 1993, ASG was taken over in 1999 by the Swiss company Danzas, which today belongs to Deutsche Post AG.

Cab with roof sign and front bumper with air filter and chassis with trailer coupling, but also rear double fenders in melon yellow. Black grille with silver Volvo logo. Ladder, roof rack as well as high side platform and convertible top sapphire blue. "ASG" branding on the flanks of the tarpaulin. Side indicator printed, door handle, nameplate "F89" and "Volvo" lettering as well as silver handlebar. Doors with melon yellow ASG logo. Glazing with black central and side bars. Melon yellow roof sign "ASG" printed in sapphire blue. Trailer with melon yellow chassis and turntable as well as swing axle, but also drawbar and rims melon yellow. Sapphire blue high platform platform and convertible top as well as silver-gray shelf. "ASG" branding on the tarpaulin pages. Rear taillights printed in carmine red.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
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