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Wiking 033507
Tempo matador

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Tempo Matador low platform - concrete gray / fawn brown, 1949-52
• Tiefstapler - the legend of the transporter set the pace

The need for furniture and large appliances was enormous right after the 1948 currency reform - the Tempo Matador provided a remedy the following year. Especially with the low platform, it was easy for craftsmen, traders and forwarding agents to ensure door-to-door transport. WIKING presents the Tempo Matador in a contemporary, two-tone design. The Tempo Matador in particular has a beautiful, typical WIKING story: when the model builders produced the 1:50 scale advertising model for Tempo Vidal around 70 years ago, WIKING served the needs of the manufacturer with a demonstration model for mobilizing customers. The simple transporter never achieved the cult appreciation of a VW T1 in the prototype, but WIKING is creating a model-making monument for the long-standing high-speed truck: The Tempo Matador with the single cabin appears as a "quiet hero" of the economic miracle. The Tempo Matador was also highly valued with the low-level platform because it was predestined for typical transport tasks. The Matador is still considered a transporter legend to this day, because in the post-war years, thousands of companies were rapidly on the way to an economic upswing.

Cab with bonnet concrete gray, interior dark green. Black chassis, rims and steering wheel. Wood brown platform with black frame printing. Cabin with silver rain gutter and door handles. Silver-plated Tempo logo and Matador lettering. Rear lights printed in red. Silver-plated rims.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:08 / 2021
Manufacturer price:15,99 €

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