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Wiking 033405
DKW fast truck

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DKW Schnelllaster bus

"With two-stroke power into the summer resort"

When it got too warm, all you had to do was reach for the roof and the outdoor fun was perfect. With the bus from DKW, the fast truck joined the series of popular excursion vehicles of the 1950s. In the prototype, DKW implemented the impulsive two-tone design with ivory-colored flanks on the ruby-red body. The two-tone, always harmonious and pleasing contrasting body design was favored for the bus versions of the 1950s and 1960s. It should look classy and of course immediately catch the eye. From 1955 to 1962 the DKW Schnelllaster was built as Type 3 with a three-cylinder engine with 896 cubic centimeters and 32 hp.

Ruby-red body with bumpers of the same color and ivory-colored flank printing. Ivory interior. Transparent headlights used. Front with silver trim, DKW logo and lettering 3 = 6. Silver door handles and decorative strips on the side. Additional silver DKW logo with door handle and decorative strips on the rear. Taillights and reflectors red. Ivory-colored rims with silver hubcaps.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
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