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Wiking 029308
Volkswagen T3

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Description & specifications

VW T3 crew cab “ASG”

Its prototype served its crew and express loads, because the VW T3 with the crew cab meant a real fleet reinforcement for the Swedish logistics company ASG. These brand-typical yellow/blue goods vehicles were to be found all over Sweden – admittedly mainly as fully-fledged HGVs. The logistics company dominated the Swedish market for a long time, and this was also reflected in special tasks. At WIKING, the “ASG” design has enjoyed tremendous enthusiasm for many years. And that came from tradition, and for a good reason: Since 1975 there have been perennially recurring models at WIKING, particularly because over decades the striking design of Swedish origin characterised the streets of increasing numbers of places throughout Europe – including Hamburg. The “Aktiebolaget Svenska Godsbilcentraler” company was founded as early as 1935 by the Stockholm Rederi AB Svea company. After collaboration with Danzas was agreed back in 1993, ASG was taken over in 1999 by the Swiss company Danzas, which later became part of Deutsche Post AG.

Body with flatbed and closed folding top sapphire blue. Body and wheels melon yellow. Interior and steering wheel moss grey. Melon yellow radiator grille with sapphire blue VW logo, front indicators printed traffic orange. Tail lights red, white/melon yellow ASG logo on the sides. Folding top printed with melon yellow arrow and ASG logo, and white lettering “Transport-Spedition”. Hubcaps printed sapphire blue, headlamps hand-painted in silver.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:Q3/2020
Manufacturer price:14,99 €

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