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Wiking 026207
Citroën HY

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Description & specifications

Citroën HY sales van "Migros", 1947-81
- The Migros household supplier with French roots

The Swiss household utility Migros has been one of them since 1925
market-dominant grocers in the Alps, because he day after day for
reliable delivery in all parts of the country. Ten regional
Cooperatives carry the Migros Cooperative Federation (MGB) up
today. The fact that the large Citroën HY sales vehicle for a long time
used, can be easily understood. The French could with plenty
storage space and was also still suitable to get out of the
To be able to sell delivery vans directly. The remains conspicuous
characteristic mint-colored vehicle design with the orange Migros
"M" on the forehead. WIKING completes the series of authentic
vehicles of the Swiss grocer. The WIKING themed
The "Migros" cycle is thus growing again. The type HY was as a small transporter


1947 - still a year before the duck - by the French car manufacturer
Citroën has been presented. Particularly striking: the side body
looked like it was planked with corrugated iron. The vehicle was from 1947
built until 1981.

Chassis black, body and rims mint green. black
Interior with steering wheel. Front end of roof with orange "M"
Migros logo. Narrower on the driver's side and wider on the passenger's side, white Migros
lettering. Colored front headlights and indicators. front
Radiator trim printed in silver. Taillights red.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:12 / 2022
Manufacturer price:20,99 €

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