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H0 1:87
Epoche III
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

Busch 94212
Goliath Express 1100

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Description & specifications

Goliath Express 1100, platform truck with tarpaulin, year of construction: 1957

When developing the 1:87 model, great value was placed on a detailed and true-to-scale reproduction of the special features of the model vehicle. The body with all its details is fine and clean. It shows an elaborately implemented two-tone paint scheme in contemporary colors. The fine all-round trim strips complete the overall picture. On the underside of the vehicle, too, the details typical of the type were reproduced, right down to the full replacement wheel. The model rolls quietly on profiled solid rubber tires, on the flanks of which you can even find the tire design with the original size. With a total of four rows of seats, the interior features the details of the model vehicle. And even the typical brown bakelite dashboard with glass dash panels can be found in the driver's seat, which was originally borrowed from the Goliath car models.

Particular attention was paid to the implementation of the grandiose chassis and support structure. We have incorporated the original character of the Goliath Express 1100 platform truck into the model design with a great deal of attention to detail and with enormous design effort. The silhouette of the drive unit can be found under the cab between the cranked side members of the chassis. It continues with the dual-flow exhaust system coming from both cylinder banks. Starting behind the cab, it is exposed. From the muffler placed in the middle of the chassis, it continues in a combined exhaust pipe, which first runs alongside the fuel tank and then in the rear area along the full spare wheel. As in the prototype, the box-shaped side members of the chassis are supported by the filigree V-shaped substructure of the loading area in a total of eight positions. The loading area then rests on appropriate cross members. The convertible top tarpaulin available from the factory was replicated on the model at hand. In the original, this was stretched over a stable frame substructure, which can be seen realistically pushed through the tarpaulin during the model implementation. This Goliath Express model also rolls quietly on profiled solid rubber tires, on the flanks of which the tire design with the original size can be found. The four rims are also equipped with hubcaps that carry the typical flying Goliath - G as on the prototype vehicle.

DreiKa car models 1:87
The Leipzig manufacturer DreiKa has dedicated itself to the Goliath Express 1100 model series, a versatile delivery van from the former Borgward group. Thereby a high demand on quality is set. In order to be able to implement this perfectly, the company works in cooperation with the most modern technologies.
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: H0
Product Line:DreiKa
Delivery Date:Q2/2020
Manufacturer price:24,99 €

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