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Busch 40932
DKW 3 = 6, Lufthansa

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DKW 3 = 6 "Lufthansa"

Historic Lufthansa minibus in the typical yellow / blue livery with crane logo. In the 1950s, such buses were used for the transportation of passengers or luggage to or from the aircraft.

Year of construction: 1956

German Lufthansa GDR / Interflug
In agreement with the Soviet embassy, a decision of the Presidium of the GDR Ministerial Council of April 27, 1955, was published on April 28, 1955, with the following wording: »The German is responsible for carrying out civil air and freight air traffic with effect from May 1, 1955 To found Lufthansa. Deutsche Lufthansa is subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior. «The agreement signed in April 1955 between the USSR and the GDR for the transfer of Schönefeld airfield as the central airport was thus put into effect. With the appointment of the first management of Deutsche Lufthansa by the Council of Ministers on July 1, 1955, this day is considered the day on which Deutsche Lufthansa GmbH of the GDR was founded. However, there was no legal connection with Deutsche Lufthansa AG in the west. Just 8 years after the airline was founded, it was liquidated again in 1963 and later continued by Interflug.
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: H0
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