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Wiking 088704
Manure spreader

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Description & specifications

- If the animal dung had to be put on the field

In the 1970s, agricultural machinery became more innovative. That
also applied to the color scheme. The Fortuna manure spreader appeared
with aluminum planks and in many places replaced the wooden version that had been common up to then
away. WIKING implements the bicolor design in a prototypical way, so that the
agricultural trailers in the facelift
updated. The manure spreader was used in the agricultural
Operated as a long-distance runner, because long before the start of intensive livestock farming
every farmer took care of the removal of the animal manure himself - the
Manure spreader with rear rotating auger guaranteed by
hydraulic drive of the tractor the whirling up of the load and a
uniform distribution across the fields.

Chassis with support wheel and spindle as well as spreader housing
gear cover on both sides carmine red. bunk silver. Rims ivory.
Wheel hub and platform frame set off in carmine red.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:12 / 2022
Manufacturer price:11,49 €

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