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Busch 59906

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Small but mighty! In the first half of the 20th century, threshing machines were most widespread in Germany with around 650,000 machines. After the grain harvest in autumn and into winter, contractors usually moved from village to village with their threshing machines, as well as locomotives or tractors (which were used as a drive) in order to thresh the grain at the farms. The threshing process consists in ginning the crop, such as ears of corn, pods, capsules, etc. between a high-speed drum and a stationary basket that partially encloses the drum. A distinction is made between blow bar thresher and pin thresher. The pin thresher basically works more effectively than the blow bar thresher, but it damages the grain more. The straw is also more kinked and torn, which is why it is only used for fodder and litter purposes, in contrast to the blow bar thresher, whose straw can also be used for paper and cardboard production. The original made of real wood was implemented in miniature in detail. All drive wheels and shafts are recognizable and just like its large model, it is made of wood.
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: H0
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