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Busch 53007
HW 60 + tilting linkage

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Description & specifications

HW 60 + tilt frame / low gray

The two-sided tipping trailer HW 60.11 from the vehicle factory
"Ernst Thälmann" in Lübenheen supplemented the 8t HW 80 trailer. Ideally, the trailer was attached to tractors or trucks as a towing vehicle in order to meet its main focus in construction and agriculture. The permissible payload of the trailer was 6t to 30 km / h, 5.4t to 60 km / h and 5.3t to 80 km / h. It was also possible to build side wall heights of 300 mm.
The trailer could be driven with low or high pressure tires. So that the permissible usable mass of the trailer could also be used for specifically light goods to be transported, there was the option of adding drop sides. The ones made of sheet steel with dotted light steel profiles
existing attachments had a height of 300 mm. The prototype of the model is equipped with 4 extension boards as well as an automatic side wall actuation. In order to ensure a faster distribution, the trailer was equipped with a motor-hydraulic tipping system in combination with an automatic side wall actuation. The automatic
Side wall actuation is a kinetic system of tension and compression struts, which consist of box profiles and are hinged to the front and rear walls as well as to the end plates of the side walls. This system was supplied / operated with pressurized oil from the towing vehicle. The automatic load-dependent brake ensured optimal braking behavior by means of a stepless
Regulation was secured. The trailer coupling was equipped with several connections, so driving with two trailers was possible.
Thanks to its unique robustness, the trailer can still be found in fields today.
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:02/2021
Manufacturer price:16,99 €

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