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Wiking 022607
Police - Morris Mini Minor

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Description & specifications

Police - Morris Mini-Minor, 1959-67
- The nimble company car of the British "Bobbys"

British police have always been nimble - and with the Morris Mini-
Minor briskly on the way. The British-made car at the time was found in the
official service a high acceptance, because he the "Bobbys" fast and
safely to the destination. The bobby helmet popularly gave the police officer
once her name. He was named after the reorganizer of the English police,
Robert "Bobby" Pell, named. The Mini once also belonged to the
characterful police appearance like the unusual police helmet. striking
is not just its body, the interior is also unmistakable. who
takes a look at the WIKING miniaturized Morris Mini-Minor,
recognizes the unusually centrally placed round instrument - so much
Attention to detail is a matter of course for the traditional model builders! Without
the Mini would actually be a good chunk of British motoring history

Black-grey chassis, white body. Interior with
Dashboard and steering wheel (right) black-grey. Silver bumpers
plugged in front and back. Transparent headlights plugged in.
Radiator grille in ivory and rims in silver. Blue light in the middle of the roof
plugged in. Silver mini logo on the front and orange indicators.
Headlight rings and window frames printed in silver. taillights
Printed red, mini logo on the back, handle and tank cap
silvered. Side window frames, moldings and door handles silvered.
Black lettering "Police" on the side.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:12 / 2022
Manufacturer price:19,49 €

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