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Brekina 58939
Checker Cab

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Description & specifications

Checker Cab, "Chicago Police Department", Police Car

Year of construction: 1974

The police checker? For many, Checker is just a manufacturer of taxis, few people know that Checker generally specializes in special vehicles. Historians of the Icta claim that the only difference between the police vehicles and the taxis was the more powerful alternator and battery. When Checker introduced its first police vehicle in 1961, it caused astonishment. On the Icta homepage ( "Internet Checker Taxicab Archive" ) there is a photo of a police officer from Arizona who, in the 1960s, laughs at the camera next to his new duty checker with a taxi driver's hat. For him too, Checker was probably the epitome of taxi up to this point in time. Research by Icta has revealed that the very first Checker police vehicle was featured in Law and Order magazine in 1961. Which? The one from Chicago!
The model is not entirely based on the original but follows the restored version that is back on the road today.
Manufacturer: Brekina
Gauge: H0
Vorbild (Land)USA
Delivery Date:2023
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