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Busch 95624
S4000 TLF

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Description & specifications

IFA S4000 TLF16 with boat

The S4000 as a tank extinguishing vehicle was produced from 1959 to 1967 and had a driver's cab with a crew cab for a crew of 6. In the equipment room, all equipment such as the pump and rapid intervention equipment were integrated, and there were 2 scaling ladders on the accessible roof.
The production took place until 1965 in the "VEB fire extinguishing equipment factory in Jöhstadt", then in the "VEB fire extinguishing equipment factory in Luckenwalde". The vehicles from Luckenwalde can be recognized by the smooth design of the cabin, the vehicles from Jöhstadt have a bead under the side windows. The model replicates the version from Luckenwalde. The production ended due to the replacement by the 1969 newly developed W50 LA TLF 16 on all-wheel drive chassis. The reproduced model is an equipment truck on which a rubber dinghy was loaded for use in the water.

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The dump truck body will continue to be used on the chassis of the W50 and L60 in the 2023 model year. In addition to vehicles from the fire brigade and the NVA, an L60 from VEB Minol follows. The focus this year is on models from the Auto Trans Berlin combine and its operating units, as well as the successor companies that continued to use the existing vehicles with new lettering after reunification. Of course, a few new variants of the Espewe replica models of the S4000 tank pumper should not be missing.

Year of construction 1965
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: H0
Vorbild (Land)GDR
Product Line:ESPEWE
Delivery Date:08/23
Manufacturer price:25,99 €