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MiNis/Lemke LC4701
Fox F301

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In 1950, Fuchs introduced its first excavator, the D1. The D3 type was a further development and followed in 1952. This excavator already had its own drive with a 4-speed gearbox. The F 301 type was produced from the end of 1957 and represented a further and important development step. Due to numerous technical innovations and a high level of performance, the F 301 quickly became a bestseller. For decades, the F 301 dominated the picture on many construction sites in Germany and Europe and quickly developed the reputation of the "girl for everything". The F 301 therefore also played an important role as a construction helper in the post-war period. The F 301 could even be found on construction sites overseas and in the Middle East. Due to its progressive nature and versatility, the F 301 was the model for numerous subsequent generations of excavators. The Fuchs company did not stop production of the F 301 until 1978.
Manufacturer: MiNis/Lemke
Gauge: N
Manufacturer price:34,99 €

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