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Weimar mobile excavator T 174 - 2

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Description & specifications

Weimar mobile excavator T 174 - 2

Year of construction: 1974

The introduction of the Weimar T174 mobile excavator (VEB Weimar factory) began as early as 1965. Constant design changes led to the type designations "T 174.1, T 174.2 and T 174.2A". However, there was only one really significant change. With the series launch of the T 174.2 from 1974, additional hydraulic supports were installed after the undercarriage was revised. Even today, the excavators are used in agriculture, construction or other industries.

The actually monstrous excavators, whose models have a threatening charisma, look rather delicate and lovable in the model. Highly filigree articulated parts, ladders and hinges turn them into top-class collector models. Fully movable joint parts, the hydraulic linkages of which are painted silver-colored, as well as the revolving cabin part are, of course, a matter of course.

The model with fully movable gripper and hydraulic support on the undercarriage has been lovingly implemented in miniature. The lettering on the lettering and the ventilation grille are extremely thin, so that you can easily see every diamond on the wire grille with the naked eye. Even the safety texts and warnings on the articulated arms are printed flawlessly and give the models their full authenticity. The coarse-tread tires support off-road capability and leave nothing in the way of use in rough H0 terrain.
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:Q2/2020
Manufacturer price:28,99 €

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