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Wiking 079005
Opel Kadett B

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Description & specifications

0790 05 Opel Kadett B – gold metallic, 1965-73
- The gold treasure from the Bochum Opel plant

The second generation of the Bochum Kadett knew with new metallic
Sounds to convince - the claim of car customers was in the sixties
years grown. So the Opel Kadett B drove in gold metallic from the courtyard of the
Opel dealer to make his new owner happy. Good
So, because the sedan was considered a real achievement at the time. At that time
After all, the Opel brand had a rising star image in the Federal Republic.
Anyone who wanted to be more than a trained Beetle driver opted for the
Cadet that rolled off the assembly line in the heart of the station. This automobile classic
is regarded as the real bread-and-butter car of its time and is one of the best today
Youngtimers of the first generation. The Opel Kadett B was once the
Best seller – it was the “little man’s” sedan. In the
Compact class was the Kadett between 1965 and 1973 in after all around
2.6 million copies were built and is therefore still one of the


most successful Opel models. The cadet marked an era when the
Bochum's Opel works reached the zenith of their importance for production
had reached Germany - the limousine regularly provided for
Extra shifts and helped Opel shine in the
Registration statistics of the Federal Republic.

Body painted metallic gold, black interior with steering wheel.
Transparent front headlights, red-transparent rear lights used.
Radiator grille printed in silver. Rims silver. Bumpers front and rear
painted aluminum silver. Silver Opel logo on the bonnet, logo on the rear and
"Kadett" lettering in silver. Orange indicators, black wipers.
Black bumper guards.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Era:III - IV
Delivery Date:12 / 2022
Manufacturer price:16,49 €

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