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Wiking 073003
Coach (Setra S8)

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Description & specifications

• The Setra S8 - you couldn't get more of the bus cult of the 1950s

The flanks are colored with a sweeping red bow, with fine ornaments. And all in the name of "Hanseat". In fact, in the post-war years it was by no means unusual for the bus to be given something like a personalization by name. The Setra S8 in particular conveys something of the new feel-good culture of the post-war decade. The associated flair of the two-tone design was a must for every luxurious appearance in the 1950s - with a panoramic roof of course! WIKING presented the S8 from revitalized forms with a fine finish. The transparent roof was printed prototypically. Thanks to the prototypically painted roof and the window struts, the highest level of authenticity is achieved. The S8 has an outstanding history in bus development: Immediately after the war, Otto Kässbohrer began the ambitious design project for the first bus, which had a self-supporting structure. The brand name shortened the construction principle - Setra as a brand should follow a path to success. And in fact, after the internal presentation of the Setra S8 with the distinctive grid radiator grille, production had already started in 1952. It didn't take long and Kässbohrer got in touch with WIKING. Friedrich Peltzer created facts and had the S8 miniaturized according to the order - according to the same construction principle as the Büssing trambus. With a two-part body, the upper part is fully transparent - meaningful and effective at the same time.

Ivory beige lower part, carmine red driver's seat and interior. Light ivory steering wheel inserted. Silver chassis. Aluminum silver roof rack. Lateral flanks printed in red with the lettering "Hanseat". Decorative strips on the radiator grille, bumper and side panels as well as the rear bonnet are silver. Ivory beige roof area and window bars.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:02/2021
Manufacturer price:21,49 €

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