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Wiking 022606
Austin 7 - silver gray

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Description & specifications

Austin 7 - silver grey, 1959-67
• The Austin 7 – quintessentially British and a true classic

Gray, but by no means conspicuous, that's how the Austin 7 once roared across the island.
Today the Mini is writing British automotive history. Actually should
the Austin 7 is reminiscent of the great brand tradition of the 1930s when the
compact Brite saw series production in 1959. And so became the agile one
Small car at the same time as Austin 7 - in the advertising there was even Austin "Se7en"
read - and marketed as Morris Mini-Minor. 1969 experienced today's
Classics gained even more popularity when the "Mini" brand was created. That
small, manoeuvrable vehicle does not have the size of some Jaguar
Classic, but at least the same in British motoring history

Chassis and steering wheel (right) black-grey. interior pearl white,
Silver gray dashboard. Body silver grey. headlights
inserted transparently and printed silver on the back. bumpers as well
Grille silvered. Front radiator grille printing with emblem
"Austin 7". Door handles, trim strips, but also tank necks silvered. Front and rear windows as well as the rear side window frames silvered.
Bonnet with two decorative strips. Indicators orange, taillights red.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:Q4 / 2022
Manufacturer price:18,49 €

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