H0 1:87
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Busch 52998
VW Beetle

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Description & specifications

Volkswagen Beetle with oval window, export version

- Metallic paint

It runs and runs and runs... For more than 60 years the Beetle has been rolling on every road in the world. Its history begins in 1931, when Ferdinand Porsche's design office had already developed a streamlined sedan. After neither Zündapp nor NSU could decide to go into production, Porsche was commissioned to develop a "Volkswagen". Mercedes was commissioned to build a first test series of 30 pieces. Only many years later did it become known that Porsche was not the only spiritual father of the Beetle, because as early as 1925 Béla Barényi was already working on a hunchbacked car with an air-cooled boxer engine installed in the rear. Hans Ledwinka also constructed a very similar prototype for the Czech Tatra works - both authorships were only recognized many years later and compensated with high compensation from VW.
In July 1949, in addition to the standard model, a more elaborate "export model" was presented to meet the tastes of foreign customers. The exterior appearance stood out from the standard models with a high-gloss finish and rich chrome plating. From March 1953, an oval window without a vertical bar replaced the "pretzel window". On August 5, 1955, the millionth Beetle rolled off the assembly line and symbolized the country's economic upswing. Originally intended as a stigma, "Made in Germany" became a seal of quality, and the "Beetle" became a huge success, especially in the United States.
Production peaked on February 17, 1972. With 15,007,034 vehicles produced, the Beetle was the new “world champion” and thus became the most successful car, ahead of the previous record holder, the Ford T. In January 1978, the last Volkswagen Beetle made in Germany rolled off the assembly line in Emden/Osnabrück. After that, Beetle production was exclusively relocated abroad. In 1985 the import of the Mexico Beetle to Germany ended.
The 1:87 model remake of this iconic vehicle was long overdue. The model (from the time of the economic miracle) was remeasured using a complex laser process in order to be able to reproduce the rather difficult body shape exactly in miniature. Also noteworthy are the bright, elegant headlights, which were manufactured according to the latest standards and have the finest chrome-plated headlight rings. So we have a model at the start that was created according to the latest guidelines and thus corresponds to the perfection of today's miniatures.

Year of construction 1955
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: H0
Color:green metallic
Delivery Date:06/23
Manufacturer price:21,99 €