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Busch 52700
VW 181 courier car

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Description & specifications

VW 181 courier car

The off-road vehicle, which was initially produced exclusively for the German Armed Forces, actually began its career as a "gap-stopper". When the DKW Munga expired at the end of 1968 and the joint developments for the European jeep between France, Italy and Germany did not go beyond the planning phase, a replacement was urgently needed. In the search for alternatives, the choice fell on VW. The basis was the VW Beetle, which could only be constructed to a limited extent suitable for off-road use, so it was based on the country buggy and oriented towards the VW Type 82 (Kübelwagen), which the engineers designed for the Second World War. The central tube platform frame was formed by the platform of the Karman Ghia Type 14, which had been modified in just a few points, and in the area of technology, the tried and tested technology of the VW Beetle 1500, such as the air-cooled 1.5-liter boxer engine, was used 44 HP (32 kW), instruments, steering, clutch and the 40 liter tank. In September 1969 the time had come, during the IAA the VW181 was presented as a new military vehicle. However, the shape of the original bucket wagon was changed only slightly and it only appeared a little more modern but heavier and larger. The designation Kübelwagen was deliberately avoided so that a direct connection to the original Wehrmacht vehicle should not arise, but the new "courier car" quickly got its nickname "Kübel" among the soldiers. An unlined all-weather convertible top (a polyvinyl chloride cover) and insert glass made of polyglass, which could be folded forward and locked in place by means of two push buttons, were used to ensure that the occupants could drive safely in bad courier or in winter in a courier wagon with a speed of 115 km / h The model of the angular all-wheel drive in a bucket shape presents itself with hair-sharp contours and lovely details.

Built in 1970
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:Q1/2020
Manufacturer price:18,99 €


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