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Busch 42017
Opel Rekord C

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Description & specifications

Opel Rekord C »Metallica«

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As early as 1963, the concept development of the Rekord C began according to the specifications of the chief engineer and technical director of Adam Opel AG, Hans Mersheimer. The new model was intended to replace the "intermediate model" Rekord B built just a year ago. On September 10, 1966, the new record C will be in the windows of the Opel dealer. In order to make the public aware of the new draft horse of the Opel program, a large-scale advertising campaign was conceived. After the only one year old predecessor, the record B, was not accepted as new, now came a really new record. The proportions of the record C were significantly changed due to new basic body data: longer wheelbase (+ 39 mm) and wider track (front + 75 mm, rear + 48 mm). The design took into account both the latest safety standards and the latest »anti-rust findings«. The styling team of Opel had succeeded with the Rekord C a distinctive body line, which was not only attractive to the competition, but also remained attractive and modern for years. Better still, some people even call the C "erotic" because of its "hip swing" in the rear area. He was even compared to the curves of a Coca-Cola bottle and known as the "Coke Bottle". But not only the successful design was praised by the trade press, the stability of the passenger compartment, which was tested in extensive crash tests, scored very well. In the range of variants, the buyers were not only numerous colors and equipment accessories but also seven engine versions to choose from. In the years from 1966 to January 1972, a total of 1,274,362 Rekord C were sold, he thus developed into one of the most successful Opel models ever.
 The miniature of the "sexy" record shines through many model details such as: very fine printing, taillights and chrome used stored headlights, set-wipers, separate exhaust and exterior mirrors, embossed grill and an inserted steering wheel.

Metallic paint

Year of construction 1966
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:5/2019
Manufacturer price:18,99 €

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