H0 1:87
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

Wiking 072204
Double-decker bus

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Description & specifications

Double-decker bus D2U (Büssing) “Doornkaat”

They used to pass WIKING’s former Berlin modelling workshops in Lichterfelde dozens of times every day – the D2U was the double-decker bus with the Büssing chassis which characterised the years of the German Economic Miracle in West Berlin. The special significance of this model-building milestone is indicated by the fact that, at his head office in Lichterfelde, WIKING founder Friedrich Peltzer once requested the sample pattern for the characterful Berlin bus from master model builder Alfred Kedzierski, and then months later the first models rolled out of the steel moulds at the headquarters, Unter den Eichen 101. This time, WIKING is bringing the D2U with Doornkaat publicity into the range. For Berliners, the characteristic double-decker buses with the finely detailed Büssing spider on the front still represent the years of awakening, experienced in the west of the divided city, and reflected in the publicity on the omnipresent buses. This time, the 1:87 miniature runs on route 73 towards its destination at the most important station at the time in the western sector, Bahnhof Zoo.

Body beige, interior moss green, steering wheel black. Wheels fawn brown. Chassis in black. Bumper, hand-painted headlamps. and Büssing spider printed chrome silver. Bus driver basalt grey with hand-painted face. Destination sign “Bf Zoo” with route number “73”. Bumpers on side, fender margins, and BVG logo printed in black. In addition, multicoloured lettering “Doornkaat”, also on the rear. Tail lights red.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:Q3/2020
Manufacturer price:19,99 €

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