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Wiking 077859
John Deere 8R410

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Description & specifications

Characterful appearance of the John Deere 8R 410

The hood sloping forwards, behind it the strikingly angular cabin: the John Deere 8R 410 undoubtedly has its own uniqueness. This is also proven by the 1:32 precision model, which WIKING is presenting in its entirety as a role model. The cooperation between John Deere and BMW Designworks in California makes it possible for the new 8R to stand out from the rest of the model range right away. A look under the bonnet of the model also makes it clear that the WIKING designers paid a lot of attention to the powerful, powerful unit. The 8R actually works with the powerful six-cylinder from Deere Power Systems (DPS) with a respectable displacement of 9.0 l, the 8R 410 even has a twin turbo. As a result, the prototype, as the top model in the series, has a rated output of 302 kW/410 hp and a maximum output of 326 kW/443 hp.

As befits an authentic 1:32 miniature, the bonnet is designed to open. The functionality is imitated by movable upper and lower links. The rear top link can even be pulled out. The WIKING designers designed the driver's door so that it can be opened because the cabin can fully exploit the appeal of the observer. The rear window can also be opened, which optimizes the view of the interior. The rotating driver's seat surprises, while the steering wheel makes the front swing axle controllable. The exterior mirror can be moved inwards and outwards. Particularly noteworthy: the refrigerator in the cabin can be opened - that's real attention to detail. And while the instruments are precisely reproduced inside the cab, the number plates, warning signs and lights on the outside, as well as the hydraulic connections, are finely printed. A look at the deep-treaded tires and the technically impressive rear make the John Deere 8R 410 an all-round successful model. The precision model will receive an optimized packaging that shows attractive detailed images on the outside of the box and is made of stronger material. A QR code enables a link to the homepage in a matter of seconds and thus immediately provides more background information, product descriptions and 360° image material. Instead of polystyrene, WIKING now uses protective inner packaging with a robust, resource-saving molded fiber part.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: 1:32
Delivery Date:Q1 / 2022
Manufacturer price:99,95 €

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