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Claas Arion 630

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Description & specifications

Claas Arion 630

• The power of detail is what makes the Claas Arion 630 so strong

It is one of the flagships - WIKING is now introducing the Claas Arion 630 with a new look. With the imposing tractor, WIKING is expanding the range of Harsewinkel tractor giants, which make up the powerful 1:32 spectrum with the Axion and Xerion series. The new Claas tractor impresses at WIKING with its tried and tested detail quality, which has been updated prototypically with numerous subtleties. The model with pleasant functional details and a precisely reproduced driver's cab is handmade and consists of zinc die-cast components that are refined with filigree plastic elements. The cab was equipped with a new CEBIS control panel, and the cab roof also received an LED rotating beacon. There are folding warning signs on both sides, while the front turn signals have a new design. The same applies to the updated exhaust, the new work lights on the front of the cab and the wide-angle mirrors. Every miniature means enthusiasm for technology in combination with the fascinating power of detail.

WIKING created the bonnet so that it can be opened so that a detailed representation of the engine is presented underneath. The model also has movable upper and lower links as well as connection options if trailers require a cardan shaft. The swing axle can be controlled via the steering wheel. With a lot of detail, the cabin allows an authentic look into the cabin, the driver's door can be opened as well as the rear window. The exterior mirrors can also be folded out and in. Precisely reproduced and printed instruments await inside the cabin, while license plates, warning signs, lights and hydraulic connections are delicately printed. Warning signs and large-tread tires make the overall impression perfect.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: 1:32
Delivery Date:12 / 2021
Manufacturer price:82,95 €

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