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Wiking 077855
Claas ballast weights

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Description & specifications

• Variable Xerion weights for suitable ballasting

Efficiency in field operations requires fine control - even when it comes to heavy ballast. Because what is too much costs fuel. For this purpose, WIKING has prototypically miniaturized the ballast for the Xerion series 32-fold. In view of the wide range of possible uses, the ballast for the Xerion series - either attached or unpacked at the back - is essential. This increases the pulling power in everyday use. Thanks to variable ballasting, the Xerion can be ballasted precisely and easily for every application. The 400 kg plates can be moved quickly and securely fixed using a quick release fastener. True to the motto “As much as necessary, as little as possible”, the ballast requirement in the field decreases with increasing driving speed. In the field, according to Claas recommendations, there should be an average of more than 6% wheel slip, otherwise a tractor is too heavily ballasted. Correct ballasting increases their effectiveness. At the front, the Xerion can be ballasted with 3,400 kg. The basic weight of the original is 1,800 kg and can hold up to four 400 kg plates. It is available for the front linkage or as a permanently mounted variant. The Xerion can also be ballasted with 3,400 kg for rear ballasting. A fixed base plate weighing 200 kg offers space for eight 400 kg plates. With the help of a telescopic, wheel or front loader, they can be quickly attached and removed.

WIKING also allows fine details and filigree functionality to prevail in the accessory kit. As with the prototype, a basic weight is provided for attachment to the power lift for the front ballast. It can then be upgraded with appropriate partial weights and, last but not least, provided with the crane eye. For the rear ballasting, a base plate for the mounting surface is supplied, on which the individual weights can then also be packed. Overall, the Xerion ballast set has a front ballast weight, a basic weight for the rear ballast as well as ten individual weights and three crane eyes.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: 1:32
Delivery Date:06 / 2021
Manufacturer price:16,95 €

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