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Wiking 039801
Normag Factor I

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Description & specifications

Normag Factor I - Reseda Green, 1951-52
• From the large WIKING scale to the 1:87 Normag Factor I

Model building historical awareness à la WIKING: In 2021 it is the second homage to the early years of WIKING, when, in addition to the young series of traffic models with unglazed models, industrial orders were also produced on a large scale. The traditional model makers have now miniaturized the Normag Factor I tractor to a scale of 1:87 based on the large WIKING model - a real classic that documents the mechanization of the farms of the time. This young 1:87 tractor tells an authentic story of role model and WIKING tradition. At that time, 15 hp should be enough for the prototype to make everyday life easier for the farmer – regardless of whether he was working full-time or as a sideline. The new 1:87 model is reminiscent of this eventful history, which underlines the exemplary quality of the industrial model. The model building traditionalists were able to work effortlessly with the big model brother for the latest project. The proportions were right, the engravings were prototypical, so that miniaturization was achieved that does justice to the sophisticated character of all classic tractors. The model builders have also designed the attached double-link swing axle to be movable in 1:87. The radiator grille receives the six ventilation slots, while the air filter is attached on the left-hand side. In addition, the headlights are helpfully plugged in to achieve the authenticity of the large model in 1:87.

Body and chassis reseda green, rims red. Black steering wheel, silver-plated headlights. Normag branding stripes on the front of the hood and rear lights printed in red.
Manufacturer: Wiking
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:12 / 2021
Manufacturer price:13,99 €

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