H0 1:87
Bahngesellschaft DR
Epoche IV
Stromsystem DC
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Brawa 50501
Neubaukesselwagen Zas-w

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Descrizione e dati

Neubaukesselwagen Zas-w der DR
Betriebsnummer: 33 50 785 0145-9

- Finest paintwork and printing
- Extra brake systems
- Walkway etched
- Filigree handrails
- Finely detailes Y-25 bogie


In the 1970s, the works of the GDR coach building industry produced almost exclusively for export. The DR therefore had to look elsewhere to replace the ageing fleet of vehicles and have more vehicles available for the increased transport requirements. This was partly solved by producing new cars in own repair shops but this technology was not suitable for special cars. At the beginning of the 1970s, the foreign trade ministry of the GDR succeeded in concluding comprehensive compensation business with France, as a result of which the DR received approx. 20,000 new freight cars of various classes. Among these, 1,250 four-axle mineral oil tank cars were delivered from 1975 onwards, which were classified under the documentation number 8105 and Class Uahs. Their number group began with 727 0000. The car had a welded undercarriage made of St 52-3 without middle longitudinal supports with bogies of type Y25Cs and a divided draw gear. The five-section tank made of 7mm steel plate (9mm in the floor area) has a volume of 85150 litres and therefore allows complete exploitation of the maximum permissible wheelset load at that time of 20t.

The compressed air brake of type KE-GP with brake rod actuators and mechanical load braking was complemented by a handbrake operated from a platform and complied with the latest technical standards of that time. The cars were used above all in block trains mainly to transport fuels such as petrol and diesel. As the GDR also exported these to obtain foreign currency, the cars also came to the NSW or non-socialist economic area with such transports.
Fabbricante: Brawa
N. articolo:50501
Scala: H0
Società ferroviaria:DR
Sistema di alimentazione corrente: DC
Aggancio:Modello provvisto di aggancio NEM 362 con cinematismo di allontanamento
Lunghezza fra i respingenti:187,5 mm
Data di pubblicazione:Q4/2020
Prezzo del fabbricante:45,90 €

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