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Federal Railways Dampflokomotiven_KOPIERT

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Reichsbahn Steam Locomotives
From the famous Locomotive Image Archive by Carl Bellingrodt
200 pages and 335 illustrations
260 x 215 mm

Almost 25 years after the first illustrated book depicting the work of Carl Bellingrodt appreciates, the EK-Verlag has ventured on the band "Railroad rarities in color - by Carl Bellingrodt". State-of-the-art reproduction technology has made possible a book that was well received. Unfortunately, we can not answer the call for "more!" Because unlike his black-and-white pictures, the (much smaller) slide archive of the old master was scattered to the winds.

All recordable pictures are available from Jürgen-Ulrich Ebel shown in his book. Thus, the idea was born to reissue the outdated picture book about the Reichsbahn era, which had long been classics, in today's best possible reproduction quality - and not just to reprint it. We have also added some recordings from the volumes "Electric locomotives" and "Railroad steam locomotives" to the volume.
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