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Wiking 077846
John Deere 7310R

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Description & données

When the John Deere 7310R
with twin tyres leaves a profound impression at the first go

• Numerous functional details create enthusiasm
• Maximum level of detail on both machine and cab
• The intense appeal of the precision scale 1:32

Enthusiasts of the 1:32 scale will be delighted about the arrival of the new John Deere 7310R with twin tyres. The majestic wheels of this 1:32 minia-ture are enough to make it a real eye-catcher – with a powerful look and feel. Naturally, the agricultural machinery experts at WIKING implemented a large number of details and functions that are also found on the original.

Improved traction during use – thanks to the twin tyres on this John Deere tractor. WIKING has given the 7310R an imposing appearance and makes it available in the highest performance class of the tractor world above 300 hp. This is the right way to enjoy precision models! Since fewer performance losses mean greater efficiency and greater towing force, John Deere is able to boast an impressive total efficiency of 95%. Ultimately, the tractors have developed into high-tech agricultural machines that not only offer a cockpit ideal for daily use, but also a computer-supported workstation for the farmer. The 310 hp (max. 340 hp IPM) produced effortlessly by the 9-litre engine provides excellent torque transmission with low fuel consumption in the field. WIKING has miniaturised this heavy-duty tractor with its tare weight of eleven tonnes and furnished it with magnificent twin tyres. This includes the striking transparency of the cab, which in the original provides a more convenient view of the attachments. And there is naturally also an opportunity to have a glimpse of the CommandARM operating console that, in combination with the display, is the tractor’s most important control ele-ment. Just as striking is the new light system, as the LED work lights - in comparison to the halogen headlamps - achieve a 40% greater field of vision to the side and 10% greater illumination to the rear.

Diverse moveable functions imitate the everyday

With the John Deere 7310R, WIKING managed to produce a 1:32-scale model that offers the highest level of detail. The front and rear tyres have a strong, agricultural profile, and the wheels can be exchanged as required. This allows a glimpse of the detailed wheel rim design. The entire lower assembly of the tractor itself is made of metal, as are the engine hood and frame around the engine. The prominent lamps of the engine hood and those around the cab roof and on the rear are inserted. The radiator grille is formed of a separate plastic part. The rear fender is metal, while the front fender is plastic.

A glance inside the cockpit provides plenty of scale delight

WIKING paid careful attention to the design of the interior – with the view of the interior providing plenty of scale delight. The same can be said of the highly detailed John Deere engine, hidden away under the foldable engine hood. And of course, the two all-round lights on the cab and the StarFire navigation system on the front of the cab are also standard design of the 1:32 miniature. The exhaust, rear mirror, ladder and steps, as well as the front weight round off the overall impression. The highly detailed front swing axle also accounts for the mobility of the John Deere 7310R. Natural-ly, the front axle can be steered, it being connected to the steering move-ment of the steering wheel in the cockpit. The lower link and top link are moveable front and back. As are the exterior mirrors, as well as the height-adjustable rear coupling. Anyone who wants to check this out in detail simp-ly has to open the left cab door and the rear window to the same angle as the original.
Fabricant: Wiking
Référence :077846
EAN :4006190778466
voie: 1:32
Date de parution :Q3/2019
Prix fabricant :94,95 €

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