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Peco PL42
Wheel Cleaning Brush

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Wheel Cleaning Brush

This item is designed for the efficient cleaning of locomotive wheels. By passing current to the motor via the pick-up wheels, the driven wheels rotate enabling dirt to be removed. All the modeller has to do is to connect each lead to a 12V DC power supply, one to each terminal. For DCC the leads can be connected to the rails, or to a "power bus", and selecting the locomotive from the power controller. The brush and scrapper can also be used to clean undriven pick-up wheels, rotating them by hand. Using the PL-70 Locomtive Cradle will help stabillise the model whilst carrying out these tasks.Each pack also contains a handy clip for storing the tools nearby.
Fabbricante: Peco
N. articolo:PL42
Scala: Neutral
Prezzo del fabbricante:15,70 €

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