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Noch 60829
Road Construction Paint roller

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Road Construction Paint roller, 50 mm wide with spare roller

With the help of the NOCH Road Construction System, you can easily build realistic model roads yourself.

The system consists of special Road Construction Structure Paint and a Road Construction Paint Roller (ref. 60829). The innovative Road Construction Structure Paint has been specially developed for model road construction. The particular feature of this paint is the adaption to the pattern of the painting tool after application. This offers various design options and depending on the tool (e.g. brush, spatula or paint roller) with which the Road Construction Structure Paint is applied, new and interesting surface structures can result.

For the creation of an asphalt road we recommend the Road Construction Paint Roller.

Thanks to the included foam roller, a realistic asphalt structure can be achieved. The two colour shades »asphalt grey« and »asphalt anthracite« are the perfect choice for constructing realistic model roads.

Finally the road will be finished with matching street markings. We recommend the NOCH Starter Set Street Markings (ref. 60740), which contains a street marking pen, a curved ruler and special templates.
Fabbricante: Noch
N. articolo:60829
Scala: Neutral
Data di pubblicazione:04/2018
Prezzo del fabbricante:5,99 €

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