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ESU 41010
Lokliege, maintenance couch

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Description & specifications

Premium Lokliege, 328x 166 x 68 mm. With magnetic strip in recess

The ESU Premium Lokliege is the ideal tool for the maintenance and care of your locomotives.
Two indentations are available for perfect work: The locomotive can be clamped upside down to easily reach the underbody of the locomotive.
In the classic inclined tray, you can easily reach the sidewalls of the locomotive or place the loco almost vertically in order to easily reach the interior of the loco.

The premium locomotive deck consists of a soft, fine-pored foam with high restoring force. As a result, small parts such as handle bars, antennas or pantographs can not get caught and thus reduce the possibility of damage to a minimum. The material is resistant to oil, grease and other cleaning agents.

For safe storage of small parts and screws, there is a magnetic storage recess on the entire length.

The premium Lok couch is 328 mm long and can be arranged in rows so that longer Lokliegen for the maintenance of railcars can arise.
Manufacturer: ESU
Gauge: Neutral
Delivery Date:Q4/2019
Manufacturer price:18,95 €

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