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Viessmann 8403
IR Mini

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Description & specifications

The module allows a variety of commands to be transmitted to the CarMotion vehicles via infrared signal. From simple blinking to braking and stopping CarMotion vehicles, e.g. at traffic lights. \nThe two infrared transmitter diodes can be placed inconspicuously next to the road, but also lying in a small section of the road or on the shoulder. The module, like the vehicles, can be easily configured in the CarManager. All macros stored in the vehicles can be called up by the module, even those that cannot be called up using magnet sequences for technical reasons. The two IR LEDs send different signals depending on the operating mode set. One of the numerous applications is stopping precisely at a traffic light or similar. \nThe first IR LED is located a little way in front of the traffic light and sends the command to brake slowly when the light is red. The vehicle then comes to a gentle stop on an optional stop magnet (north pole). The second IR LED is then located in the immediate vicinity of the traffic light and sends the start command when the traffic light is green. \nFor this purpose, the module is controlled directly by the Viessmann traffic light control, Art. 5094 or 5095 or the level crossing Art. 5104 and 5107 via the control input. The input also allows the module to be controlled via a switch, relay contact or DCC switching command using a suitable control center. Simple commands can also be generated by switching the module on and off, e.g. to only send flashing commands when the junction is set accordingly.\n\nDimensions of circuit board with cable outlet: approx. L 45 x W 5 x H 5 mm \nRecommended installation space (programming plug): approx. L 55 x W 5 x H 5 mm \nCable length to the IR LEDs: approx. 300 mm each \nDimensions of IR LEDs: approx. L 2 x W 1.2 x H 1.2 mm \nReplaces infrared stop module
Manufacturer: Viessmann
Gauge: H0
Operating voltage5 – 24 V DC=/ 8 – 16 V AC~/ 8 – 24 V Digitalsignal
Delivery Date:04 / 2024
Manufacturer price:34,95 €


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