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Uhlenbrock 69300
Track control throttle

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Description & specifications

Track control throttle

- For insertion in the switchboard
- For switching 16 special functions and the light function
- With DirectDrive function
- Up to 9999 locomotive addresses
- Continuous rotary control with change of direction of travel, AC and DC - speed control mode
- Maneuvering function (in combination with LISSY)
- emergency stop
- The speed controller is as large as three control panel segments and can be easily integrated into the track diagram control panel. Up to 9999 locomotives can be selected and controlled using the number keys f0 to f9.

The driving speed is set using an endless dial. Pressing the speed controller changes the direction of travel. The function keys can be used to switch lights and up to 16 special functions
Manufacturer: Uhlenbrock
Gauge: Neutral
Delivery Date:2014
Manufacturer price:79,90 €

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