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Schönwitz MbS-51303
Type - MFM-M10

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Description & specifications

2 channel micro photo flash module M10 photo flash

This small technological wonder is only 30x20mm in size and effectively controls your LEDs and light bulbs.

There are mini buttons on the control with which 5 preset programs can be selected:

Two photographers (up to 3 flashes spread over both channels)
One photographer (up to 4 flashes on one channel)
Wedding photographer (up to 4 pictures in quick succession on one channel)
Red-eye flasher with front lights (channel 1 flash and channel 2 for front lights)
Red-eye flashes with multiple pre-flashes (channel 1 flash and channel 2 for pre-flashes)
Save your favorite and the module always starts with your selection.

The light color you choose is decisive for the effect achieved.

The module has an LED test mode so that you can check whether the LEDs are connected correctly.

Some examples of operation:
lighting effects
position lights
Case modding
advertising effects
light objects
notice boards
Model construction/model railways
Technical specifications

2-channel micro photo flash module
Type - MFM-M10
Total output at LEDs - 600 mA
Total output for incandescent lamps - 200 mA
Indicator lights - 2 white function LEDs
Short circuit detection - yes
Overload detection - yes
Input voltage - 7 - 24 volts DC / 6 - 19 volts AC
Output voltage - input voltage minus 1.5 volts
Heat - almost no heat development
Memory - saves the setting
Programs - 5 programs
Additional functions: lamp test and demo mode
Weight - approx. 2.8g (without display and screw clamp)
Dimensions (L/W/D) - 30mm x 20mm x 15mm
made in Germany
Manufacturer: Schönwitz
Gauge: H0
Power system: all
Dimensions (LxWxH):22 x 16 x 12 mm
Beleuchtung mit LEDYes

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