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Busch 5771
Realistic Sound »UNIVERSAL« Country

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Realistic Sound »UNIVERSAL« Country

16 Sounds - 7 Outputs - 7 Light Programs - 4 Inputs for track contacts - Programmable - Digital-compatible

16 Sounds: Tractor (start + driving noise + engine turn off), dog barking, cows, sheep, rooster with chickens, brook noise with cricket cicadas, birds, bell ringing (church), hour chimes (church), church organ, traffic accident, Martinshorn, thunderstorm, haunted house, diesel train sounds, train whistle. 7 light programs such as turn signal bulbs, haunted house illumination, city lighting, blue lights etc.. Supplied ready for use including 2 speakers.

Technical Data: 12-16 V (AC voltage), 14-22 V (track and digital voltage). Digital system compatibility: NMRA-DCC, Märklin®. Two 8 Ohm/0.5W speaker outputs (contained in the power supply). Connection with 3.5 mm jack plugs, alternatively, connecting to active speakers, stereo system, headphones, etc. is possible. Separate audio gain control for both outputs. 7 light outputs 12-20 V (depending upon input voltage) 300 mA per output, max. 1.0 A total (for connecting lamps, etc.). 4 contact inputs 5-16 V or floating output switches (to trigger the sounds by train movement).
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: Neutral
Power system: all
Manufacturer price:125,00 €



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