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Busch 5748
Light Control Module

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Description & specifications

Light Control Module.

This module has eight double outputs to connect to 16 LEDs or Busch models that have build-in LEDs, i.e. railroad crossing gates, street lights, advertising signs, construction warning lights, radar flashes, etc. A large number of programs are available for powering LEDs such as:

• Construction area flashing lights
• Street lighting
• Traffic lights from the old GDR, Austria, the Netherlands and USA
• Pedestrian lights and radar flashes
• Construction traffic lights and warning lights
• Railroad crossing lights
• Burning flames and blinking or flashing blue lights on emergency vehicles
• Diverse advertising lighting
• Interior lighting for buildings
• Party and disco lighting
• Fire and smoke alarms

The programs can be activated by simply changing connector plugs. The LEDs are directly connected. Because of the easy operation and wide ranging control system, this module can be universally used on all model train layouts.

Tecnical data:
Power requirements: 10-24 V = / 8-18 V ~
Power consumption: max. 200 mA
Output: 16 x 10 mA for LEDs

- Innovation 2017 -
Manufacturer: Busch
Gauge: Neutral
Delivery Date:November 2017
Manufacturer price:29,99 €

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