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Noch 60139
Begrasungs Templates

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Description & specifications

The "fumigation templates" are a small but fine innovation!

As soon as you have it in your hand, you wonder why it is only now! With the template you can easily design partially covered areas. This creates edges, tufts, stripes, surfaces and various grass stains.

You can use the stencils in two ways: either first coat the surface with »grass glue«, hold the stencil loosely over it and flock through the recess in the moist glue, or spray over »spray glue" Haftfix "" a template lying on the surface on a surface. You can then flock without holding the stencil. Individual cutouts of the stencils can be closed with painter's crepe.

The same applies here: dare to experiment!
Manufacturer: Noch
Gauge: Neutral
Delivery Date:04/2020
Manufacturer price:9,99 €

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