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Faller 180691
Grass-spreader Gras-Fix

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Description & specifications

Grass-spreader Gras-Fix

Vegetation in next to no time.
This devices provides the grass fibres with an electrostatic charge so that the fibres stand upright on the meadow surface.
The following steps will yield a perfect result:

Apply FALLER Colofix 180501 to the area you wish to cover with grass.

Fill the grass-fix device with scatter fibre, in solid or blended colours.

Insert a small nail in the arrangement near the area to be covered and secure the counterpole to it using the rail contact clamp.

Switch on the device, hold about 10 - 15 cm above the area to be covered in grass and shake lightly.

Using this method the fibre will stand neatly and upright in the glue bedding.
Manufacturer: Faller
Gauge: Neutral
Delivery Date:11/10
Manufacturer price:127,99 €


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