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Woodland Scenics WHL661
Ultra-Lite Oil Premium Hob-E-Lube

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Description & données

Ultra-Lite Oil Premium Hob-E-Lube

Contains proven anti-wear additives. For close-tolerance areas. Also for switches and tracks to help prevent corrosion and promote conductivity. Use on HO and smaller scales of model trains, precision instruments or where a light oil is needed.

Viscosity: cSt @ 40°C ...21.6
Net 0.5 fl oz (14.7 mL)

For use on:
• HO scale and smaller model railroad journals, side rods, valve gears, axles and couplers
• Motor bearings and couplers
• Slot-car pinions and spur gears
• Precision instruments, fishing reels and office machines

Premium Oils have state-of-the-art lubricant additives that are plastic and paint compatible. Each has a metal cap and 2¼" (5.71 cm ) needle applicator for hard to reach places. 0.5 fl oz (14.7 mL)
Fabricant: Woodland Scenics
Référence :WHL661
EAN :0724771006619
voie: Neutral
Contenu de l' emballage:14,7 ml
Prix fabricant :13,95 €


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