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Noch 60991
Landscaping Aluminum Wire Mesh

Prix indicatif de fabricant: 10,99 €

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Description & données

Landscaping Aluminum Wire Mesh.

Dimensions: 50 x 75 cm

Stable, Flexible, Shapeable!
Finely-woven Aluminium Mesh, formable at will. For smaller, self-supporting mountain constructions. Ideal for spanning an underlying frame.

The popular NOCH Aluminium Wire Mesh is now also available in a convenient smaller size. With the ref. 60990 you can find it with the dimensions 100 x 75 cm.

- Innovation 2017 -
Fabricant: Noch
Référence :60991
EAN :4007246609918
voie: Neutral
Dimensions (L x l):50 x 75 cm
Date de parution :Q2/2017
Prix fabricant :10,99 €

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