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Busch 5740
Electronic relay

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Electronic relay

This component is used for control of crossing gates, and timed illumination of areas. Automatic control of signals with train control. Block control and control of signals by moving trains. Control and functions as determined by push-buttons, track contacts, infra-red signals, etc. This is the universal relay for all purposes on the model railway. The integrated circuitry is capable of registering the weakest signal. Just name the function and this relay has the capability of performing that task for you regardless of the many and varied lighting, switching and track control functions desired. Technical data: The unit requires 10 -16 volts AC or DC. Switch capabilities: 8 amps continuous with 24 volt AC or DC as required.
Fabricant: Busch
Référence :5740
EAN :4001738057409
voie: Neutral
Réseau électrifié: Tous
Prix fabricant :54,99 €

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