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ALMROSE 2-21204/L1

PVP del fabricante: 60,00 €

50,42 €
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58,64 USD
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Descripción y datos

Kit for processing the model ETR610 Lima Expert (basic package 4 pieces).

Kit composed of 4 light bars made specifically for this model that replace those installed and allow the LED lighting of the coaches’ interiors including the area close to the intercoms.
The kit includes one light bar for motor coach, 2 light bars for intermediate coaches and one light bar for towed coach.
The assembly is extremely simple because the pre existing electrical wiring is used without the need to make any changes, the boards use the special supports provided in the interior decor for fixing.

Connector for MTC21 decoder.
Internal lighting integrated on the PCB and controlled directly by the decoder.
Assembly without modifications to the machine.
Speaker (optional) integrated on the pcb.
Suitable for analog and digital operation.
Colour: warm-white
Fabricante: ALMROSE
Código artículo:2-21204/L1
vía: H0
Precio del fabricante:60,00 €

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