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Faller 330090
Synchronous drive motor

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Descripción y datos

POLA hobby motor
For 12 - 16 volts/60 mA, AC, approx. 15 resp. 4 rpm. Fixation by means of 5 mm thread fitting with nut.
The synchronous motor is maintenance-free and robust. A short-time stoppage on account of overload does not do any harm.
The slow rotation of the drive axle makes this motor especially suitable for modelling, e. g. to drive water-wheels, sails of windmills or amusement park articles. The rotation of the motor can easily be reversed by setting the latch
lever accordingly. This should be done while the motor is running.
Various drive axles, nuts and cogwheels are included. How to use these, check the instruction sheets of the kits which use a hobby motor.
The changeover from to 4 from 15 rpm is being shown on the reverse side.
As a lubricator we recommend using FALLER-special oil (170489) which is resin and acid free.
Fabricante: Faller
Código artículo:330090
vía: Neutral
Sistema de corriente: AC
Precio del fabricante:35,99 €


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