H0 1:87
Decoder für DCC & Märklin/Motorola-Format
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

ESU 31100

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Steam engine, BR 94 1292, DR, black, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC

The T16.1 is the first ESU steam locomotive. The finely detailed model is mainly made of metal and has numerous separately applied detail parts. It goes without saying that we detail all the finer differences according to the prototype. The finely crafted wheels with their thin spokes are an eye catcher by themselves. The model represents a locomotive with worn wheel rims; therefore we could realise prototypical spacing between the axles. Thus there is sufficient space for the wheel flanges assuring safe running both with two rail or three rail track systems. In order to minimise any dimensional compromises of the chassis we guarantee superb performance and running qualities on radii of 420mm and larger. Since these locomotives were employed in local freight service as well as for shunting, the models are equipped with a digital coupler in the NEM shaft at both ends. Suitable loop and hook couplers with non-magnetic loop are supplied with the model. Of course, the synchronised smoke emission from the exhaust is either controlled by the axle sensor or by internal electronics of the LokSound decoder. Thus running the classic Prussian becomes a visible and acoustic enjoyment. Whenever the locomotive traverses a turnout, the appropriate squealing sound can be heard. Naturally we listened carefully to the prototype in order to replicate the sound as accurately as possible. Thus you can acoustically simulate the Riggenbach counter-pressure brake on a downhill grade by activating it with a function button. The sounds from the different air and feed pumps varied. In shunting mode the lower right lanterns will be turned on, just as it was common practice with the prototype. The third headlight can be switched separately in order to allow displaying the signal Zg7 indicating a special train travelling in the opposite direction.
For the first time the lanterns are mounted as separate parts (where prototypical) in mass production. Whenever the fireman shovels coal (acoustically, of course), the fire box shows a soft glow.
Tillverkare: ESU
spår: H0
Elsystem: Alla
Digital-DecoderDCC & Motorola
Anzahl angetriebene Achsen5
Kupplung:Schacht NEM 362 mit KK-Kinematik
Länge über Puffer:145,5 mm
InneneinrichtungMit Innenbeleuchtung ausgestattet
Spitzenlicht:3-Spitzenlicht an beiden Fahrzeugenden, mit Fahrtrichtung wechselnd
LED SpitzenlichtJa
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